Sardines in Morro Bay

by Glenn Fukumoto


Attention Pier Fishermen! Sardines are beginning to show up in Morro Bay and off Avila Pier! They are catching them on Sabiki Rigs! A kid caught this one today on the incoming tide… he threw back a few because he said they were too small… DOH!!!!!

Shallow Water Rock Fish Season Opener!

by Glenn Fukumoto

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Come join us on the BLACK PEARL on Thursday May 1st on a SHALLOW WATER TRIP for the Rock Fish Season opener! We will be fishing in 40′ to 80′ of water for Lingcod and Rock Fish. The trip runs from 7:00am to 3:00pm (a 3/4 day trip) and will be FUN! FUN! FUN! We have rod/reel combos for rent, Hot food, snacks, and cold drinks available in the galley.

by Glenn Fukumoto


The Perch are biting in Morro Bay off the T-piers! Just drop a line in with Nightcrawlers or Lugworms (Pileworms) and catch some! Also, today is the Salmon Season Opener. I hear the chatter a few of the private boats on the VHF outside Morro Bay. There have been some big Salmon caught out here today up to 20lbs! A few limits… and a few skunks… but they ARE out there!

2-Day LINGCOD/ROCK FISH Trips up the Big Sur Coastline

by Glenn Fukumoto

fish2995554_590339997699796_2010716860_n (2)DSC00065DSC00047Come Fishing with us on the BLACK PEARL on our 2-Day trips up the Big Sur Coastline! You will have a GREAT time fishing for the JUMBO VERMILLIONS (Reds) and bunches of LINGCOD, along with the other assorted Rock Fish, but they too will be bigger than the average ones on the 1/2 day and 3/4 day boats. To top it all off, YOU GET TO KEEP 2 LIMITS! Sign up soon because these are LIMITED LOAD Trips, only 25 fisherpersons per excursion!

Morro Bay Landing has the BAIT you need!

by Glenn Fukumoto

DSC00165DSC00169DSC00168DSC00167DSC00166DSC00170Come to us at Morro Bay Landing for your BAIT needs! We just got in some Gray’s Harbor Vacuum sealed TRAY HERRING and TRAY ANCHOVIES for the April 5th Salmon Opener! Live LUGWORMS (pileworms), frozen SHRIMP and MUSSELS, cured SAND SHRIMP, and Live NIGHTCRAWLERS to get those Surfperch and Pile Perch. Bags of Anchovies and Squid for Rock Fish, Lingcod, Sharks and Batrays from the shore! We have you covered!

Join us on our ” 4 to 4 ” trips up the Big Sur Coastline

by Glenn Fukumoto

assorted-150-a995554_590339997699796_2010716860_n (2)DSC00098Join us on the Black Pearl for some GREAT Lingcod and Rock Fish “catching” on an EXTENDED DAY TRIP up the Big Sur Coastline. You will enjoy BETTER FISHING, and BIGGER FISH on these trips because we will put you in areas that receive very little fishing pressure. Hot food, snacks, and cold drinks are available in galley. Take a nap in the bunks going out and returning from the fishing grounds, you will feel refreshed instead of bone tired from a 12 hour trip!

2 Day Kayak Mothership Trips on the Black Pearl

by Glenn Fukumoto

red-rockcod-300 Black Pearl Mothership Kayak TripsThe Black Pearl will be running some 2-Day Kayak Mothership Trips up the Big Sur Coastline! These are Limited Load excursions… only 12 KAYAKERS!! You will leave Friday night and be anchored on the fishing grounds by first light Saturday morning. You can fish ALL DAY on Saturday (or come back to the Black Pearl for lunch, a nap, or when nature calls). Sunday you will get to fish all morning and part of the afternoon, and be back at Morro Bay Landing by 6:00pm or so.

Whale Watching Begins on Saturday January 5th

by Bob Fowler

whaleThe Bluefin has arrived from Channel Islands Harbor and will begin Whale Watching trips on Saturday.  Go out in the comfort of a 50 foot sport fishing boat and experience one of the world’s great migrations.  The California Gray Whales traveling from the gulf of Alaska to their birthing grounds in Baja California.