by Simeon Villalobos



Wednesday July 2nd 8am – 2pm Kids Day on the San Pedro Special

34 Anglers 250 Assorted Rockfish 50 Vermillion Rockfish 17 Lingcod

DSC00374 DSC00375

by Simeon Villalobos

Tuesday July 1st 7am – 3pm Aboard the San Pedro Special

20 Anglers: 142 Assorted Rockfish, 21 Vermillion Rockfish 3 Lingcod

DSC00368 DSC00369 DSC00370 DSC00371 DSC00373

by Simeon Villalobos

Sunday June 29th San Pedro Special 8am – 2pm

36 Anglers 100 Assorted Rockfish 10 Vermillion Rockfish 3 Lingcod

DSC00363 DSC00366DSC00365

by Simeon Villalobos

Satuday June 28th 8am – 2pm Aboard the San Pedro Special.

30 Anglers: 160 Assorted Rockfish 50 Vermillion Rockfish, 4 Lingcod.

Jackpot Winner, Greg Veach from Visalia with a 11.8lb Lingcod

DSC00347 DSC00350 DSC00351 DSC00354 DSC00355 DSC00356 DSC00357 DSC00359 DSC00360

by Glenn Fukumoto

Sunday June 15th, 8am – 2pm San Pedro Special

42 Anglers 40 Red Rockfish, 310 Assorted Rockfish

 DSC00314 (768x1024)

by Simeon Villalobos

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Wednesday June 11th, 7am – 3pm San Pedro Special.

16 Anglers: 125 Assorted Rockfish, 31 Vermillion Rockfish, 18 Lingcod. Jackpot fish 10lb Lingcod caught by Kevin Rhea from Visalia

DSC00281DSC00283DSC00264  DSC00274  DSC00272 DSC00278

by Simeon Villalobos


June 8th 8am – 2pm Aboard the San Pedro Special

98 Assorted Rockfish 11 Vermillion Rockfish 5 Lingcod


photo(2) photo(4) photo(3)


Sardines in Morro Bay

by Glenn Fukumoto


Attention Pier Fishermen! Sardines are beginning to show up in Morro Bay and off Avila Pier! They are catching them on Sabiki Rigs! A kid caught this one today on the incoming tide… he threw back a few because he said they were too small… DOH!!!!!