Deep Water fishing is typically done in 60 feet or deeper water.

Sportfishing Hours (click here to see the Calendar):
Mon, Tues 8am – 2pm, Deep Sea $59.00
Thurs :7am – 3pm, Shallow Water $69.00
Fri-Sat-Sun 8am – 2pm Deep Sea, or 7am-3pm (3/4 day $69.00)

Call 805-771-5500 for reservations or use our Contact form for inquiries.

Morro Bay is known the world over for its abundant deep sea sportfishing and variety of fishing activities. Many people come in to get tackle and frozen bait for a day on the Strand surf fishing or fishing around the famous Morro Rock. We offer a selection of fishing tackle and even rent poles for fishing from the North or South T-Piers or even from private boats.

Live Bait used to be available in Morro Bay until just a few years ago. Fishermen, whether on a private boat or one of our offshore deep sea party boats, know the value of having live bait to lure the really big ones. Morro Bay Landing has brought live bait back to Morro Bay. Our sport fishing boats carry live bait on every charter that they can throughout the fishing season. Sometimes weather or the variations of nature keep Malibu Matt, our bait fisherman here in Morro Bay, from his catch, but we are committed, as is Malibu Matt , to making every effort to provide live bait to our customers.

The fishing season starts in April with the arrival of King Salmon in our waters and continues through the end of December with our abundant Rock Cod and Ling Cod fisheries. Morro Bay is probably most famous sport fish is albacore. Albacore shows up every year anytime from mid July until the end of October. Talk about a thrilling fishing experience! Thirty to Forty pound Albies are not rare out of Morro Bay. Live bait is a must for Albacore and a huge advantage on getting the bite on. Only Morro Bay Landing provides live sardines and/or anchovies in Morro Bay. So come and go fishing with us and experience some of the best fishing in California.

Captain Rick Craddick and his crew have fished from virtually every port in Central and Southern California in his 45 years on the water. We are really lucky and excited to have him here in Morro Bay operating from Morro Bay Landing. Captain Craddick knows these waters as well as anyone else and he has a terrific record for putting his passengers on fish. Limits for everyone on board is the usual state of affairs for the Black Pearl. Speaking of the Black Pearl it is a 65 foot sport fishing boat with a hot galley and loads of room for her maximum passenger load of 45. Private charters are also available. Just click on the link under Sportfishing.